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Here's our first good look at the Phantom Dust remaster

Phantom Dust, the previously-obscure 2004 Xbox action strategy game, is making a comeback.

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This video comes to us from Polygon, and they have a written preview to go with it.

The game now runs at 1080p (or 4K on PC), but creative director Adam Isgreen is reticent to call it a remaster - "it's more of re-release of the original with a lot of improvements". It looks very similar to the original game, but much sharper.

The game has taken an odd path to release after the series reboot was cancelled. The team had to rebuild the game without the source code, which meant "reverse-engineering the binaries, and actually hacking and cracking the code back open again."

Back in January Phil Spencer said that Phantom Dust was likely to ship before E3. An exact date has not been nailed down as of yet, though.

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