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Persona 5 Royal sales top 1.4 million units worldwide

Persona 5 Royal sales have surpassed 1.4 million units worldwide, while Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers has shipped over 480,000 copies in Japan and Asia alone.

The news comes from Gematsu, and serves as a follow-up to the recent announcement that Persona 4 Golden has shipped over 500,000 units since launching on Steam last month.

It has also been confirmed that, with the addition of these figures, total sales for the Persona series as a whole have surpassed 13 million units globally.

Persona 5 Royal launched in the west on March 31, 2020 after having been released earlier in Japan and the rest of Asia.

In related news, the Persona 5 anime is getting an English dub - but it's only available as part of an absurdly expensive blu-ray collection. Meanwhile, a group of fans are attempting to port a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona physical trading card game from the 1990s to PC in order to make it more accessible to newer fans of the series.

Persona 4 Golden has enjoyed remarkable success since it launched on Steam less than seven weeks ago. On top of having sold 500,000 copies already, it quickly cemented itself as the most concurrently played non-MMO JRPG in the platform's history. A budding modding scene has also blossomed, which has begotten mods fans of the series have been wishing for since Persona 4 Golden originally launched for the PS2.

Persona 5 Royal

Perhaps the most notable mod is the Yosuke romance mod, which reinstates canned scenes and dialogue in order to allow players to romance Yosuke in cutscenes that were originally supposed to be in the game. It's not finished yet, but development has inspired fans to pursue similar projects, with talk of a potential Kanji romance mod picking up a significant amount of steam among online Persona communities.

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