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Overwatch hero guide: Lucio

The fastest support hero, Lucio has great buffs and can hold his own in a fight.


Overwatch hero guide: Lucio

Role: Support

Lucio is a great choice for a support hero with agility and fast movement. He's fun to learn the support role with, and can protect a lot of his allies in the heat of battle. And he deals pretty good damage.

Latest updates to Lucio

Lucio’s movement speed boost has taken a hit and received a reduction of 30%. Originally, the boost provides twice the movement speed and now provides a 70% increase. His ultimate also has received an update, with a cost increase of 10%.

Strong against: Reaper, D.Va, Winston

Weak against: Mei, McCree, Pharah

Lucio's abilities

Wall Ride

Hop onto a vertical surface and you'll be able to run along it by holding the jump button. You can also hop between walls to throw enemy aim off.

Sonic Amplifier

The primary fire of the Sonic Amplifier is slow but it shoots three projectiles out for decent damage. The secondary fire is much more flexible, shooting out a cone of damage that can also push opponents away and into places they don't want to go.


Get allies in your sights and you're able to switch between two buffs. The first heals your buddies, and by switching it over you can also give them extra speed. Handy for moving through dangerous areas.


Amp It Up

Amp It up turns the Crossfade ability up to 11, making Lucio and allies faster and heal quicker. Amp It Up takes 12 seconds to cooldown though, so use it wisely.

Ultimate Ability: Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier projects a really big shield around allies and lasts for six seconds.

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Lucio strategy tips

  • Lucio is the all-round support hero. If you only have one on the team, make it him. He heals, speeds up movement, protects and kicks ass.
  • Lucio isn't a support hero that you should have to protect, nor should he hold back. Get him up front with your offensive team and using all his abilities to aid the assault.
  • Experiment with Wall Ride to work out where and what you can reach on each map. You'll be able to traverse obstacles and walls that other players could never think of.
  • Don't wait to be attacked before using Sound Barrier. There's a short casting animation and if it's interrupted by an attack it won't work.

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