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Overwatch hero guide: Reaper

Deadly up-close, if you see Reaper coming it's probably too late.


Overwatch hero guide: Reaper

Role: Offense

Reaper is one of Overwatch's most lethal heroes up close. He works best when used quickly, moving from target to target, and especially preying on any enemies who are vulnerable with low health or have become separated from their team-mates.

Strong against: Bastion, Mei, Winston

Weak against: McCree, Junkrat, Pharah

Reaper's abilities

The Reaping

This passive ability keeps Reaper's health topped up by collecting Soul Globes to heal. If he keeps killing, he'll keep healing.

Hellfire Shotguns

Twin shotguns make Reaper a brutal killer when close to enemies. They're all but useless at a distance, so move in quickly.


Wraith Form

When activated, Reaper is untouchable for three seconds. He's invulnerable to weapons and abilities, and he can't be targeted. He also moves faster, but isn't able to use his own weapons or abilities. This is Reaper's best defensive move and essential to get out of sticky situations.

Shadow Step

Activated with primary fire, Reaper is able to teleport to anywhere within his line of sight - just use the target to pinpoint your desired location. This is a great way of flanking enemies and moving between high and low locations.

Ultimate Ability: Death Blossom
When activated Reaper fires his twin shotguns in a large area all around him, hitting everything within his line of sight. This is a lethal attack, and works best in conjunction with Wraith Form after attacking a clump of enemies.

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Reaper strategy tips

  • Reaper does a lot of damage up close so he's great for attacking tank heroes.
  • Death Blossom works best as a surprise attack. If you can get in amongst your enemies by using height then you'll cause chaos.
  • Wraith Form is great for escaping unharmed, but when it's on cooldown be sure to play more defensively.
  • Although he's an offensive hero, Reaper shouldn't take the direct route to conflict. Use him to flank and sneak up on enemies, attack, then slip away again quickly rather than a full-on assault.

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