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Overwatch hero guide: Winston

More agile than any other tank in the game, Winston is a real danger when he gets up close and personal.


Overwatch hero guide: Winston

Role: Tank

Winston is a great choice for any player who wants to try out a Tank hero. He's the most agile of tanks, meaning he's fast and disruptive, but only up close. He's not the toughest of tanks though, so don't go thinking he's indestructible.

Strong against: Widowmaker, Genji, Hanzo

Weak against: Reaper, McCree, Mei

Winston's abilities

Tesla Cannon

Winston's Tesla Cannon fires in a cone and anyone in that cone is automatically hit. It causes continuous damage so long as the trigger is held down and cannot be blocked or deflected.

Jump Pack

This gives Winston a massive leaping ability, which he can use to deal damage when he lands either on or close to enemies. He may be weak at distance, but the Jump Pack allows him to close the gap quickly.


Barrier Projector

To give Winston more protection, the Barrier Projector encases him in a bubble. Any ally within the bubble is also protected and can fire out of it.

Ultimate Ability: Primal Rage

Primal Rage sees Winston go ape for 10 seconds, boosting his health to maximum, cooling down his Jump Pack quicker and trading the Tesla Cannon for a hand slap that will damage enemies and knock them back.

Winston strategy tips

  • Use Primal Rage when health is low and you'll be instantly boosted to maximum health.
  • Primal Rage is great for shaking up the enemy and pushing them from a location. Use the extra health and Barrier Projector to smash shit up.
  • Winston is tough but he's not invulnerable. A good tactic is to use Jump Pack to attack an enemy, deal plenty of damage, then Jump Pack back out again.
  • Remember the Tesla Cannon automatically hits enemies in its cone, so it's great for dealing damage to fast heroes like Tracer.

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