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No Man’s Sky Leviathan expedition takes you inside a time loop offering a taste of roguelike gameplay

Every death means a reset of the loop.

The latest expedition for No Man's Sky, Leviathan, has gone live and it traps Travelers inside a time loop with difficulty tuned to survival-mode settings.

Running for the next six weeks, this roguelike expedition has you exploring the loop where you will recover Memory Fragments. These lost remnants of previous loops appear as procedurally generated technology, meaning each reset of the loop can play out differently. You can collaborate with other players to "even the odds."

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Alongside your efforts to break the loop, you can also help Specialist Polo in researching the loop’s manifestations. The more players that participate in the research, the stronger the Memory Fragments become, resulting in better upgrades, more inventory space, and stronger Multi-Tools and starships.

The expedition also offers a story-driven adventure where you will follow your previous iterations, absorb memories, investigate significant sites, and work with others to escape the loop's curse.

Shattered memories point towards an encounter with an ancient space creature, The Leviathan, which can be recruited as an organic addition to your capital ship’s frigate fleet.

The Leviathan expedition offers an assortment of limited-edition rewards. Once the expedition concludes, progress will convert to a Survival Mode save and phase rewards can be redeemed from the Space Anomaly’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. These rewards include a trio of base decorations such as the Leviathan, Loop, and Timesplice Posters.

A Temporal Starship Trail can be fitted in your ship, and not only will it modify propulsion energy, but it will also leave a cool streak of temporal disturbances. The Whalestalker Cloak will be given out as well. You can also rehome an Organic Frigate Calf in your base. The creature is enclosed in a chrono-preservation field to ensure it remains "eternally young, playful, and a manageable size."

Various fixes are also included with today's update.

The last major addition, Outlaws, was released back in April and includes emboldened space pirates, a new ship in years, smuggling, improved space combat, recruitable squadrons, and more.

No Man's Sky is currently availble for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch release is expected this summer.

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