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How to use Redeploy Drones in MW3 Zombies

Redeploy Drones are a simple and underrated way of traversing Urzikstan.

Soap speaks with another Operator aboard a helicopter in MW3
Image credit: Activision

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, there are more ways to get around Urzikstan than by using UTV, Armored Trucks, or even Portals. On your map, there will be Redeploy Drones, and these useful machines can really aid with traversal of the apocalyptic city if you use them.

Their use isn’t initially obvious, but once you know how to use a Redeploy Drone, you’ll find yourself cutting about Urzikstan that little bit faster than before. So, here’s how to use Redeploy Drones in MW3 Zombies.

How to use Redeploy Drones in MW3 Zombies

To use a Redeploy Drone in MW3 Zombies, you first need to find one. They will be marked on your map with a small drone icon, as shown below.

The player pings a redeploy drone in MW3 Zombies
Redeploy Drones are marked on the map. | Image credit: Activision/VG247

Once you track down a Redeploy Drone, make your way over to it, where you will see a long cable descending from it. Approach the cable and interact with it to ascend upwards.

The player faces the base of a redeploy drone in MW3 Zombies
You can use a Redeploy Drone to traverse the map quickly. | Image credit: Activision/VG247

Once at the top, you’ll be launched into the air, and the prompt to deploy your parachute will appear. Deploy the parachute and you’ll then be able to glide over towards your next Contract, Pack-a-Punch, or wherever it is that you need to visit next.

Or you can choose not to deploy the parachute, like one of my squadmates did, and hope your squad is kind enough to come back and revive you.

Redeploy Drones are a simple tool for helping players get around the map a little bit quicker, without constantly relying on vehicles. If you haven’t been using them, they’re well worth making use of so that you can get more done - and hopefully, acquire more loot - before it’s time to exfil.

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