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MW3 Zombies Doghouse locations: How to pet the dog

Yeah, that’s right, you can pet the dog in MW3 Zombies if you’re lucky.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies
Image credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode is all about tackling hordes of zombies and completing contracts while you’re at it. You’ll be running around grabbing loot like there’s no tomorrow, and praying for a successful exfil so you don’t lose it all. One thing that can help you during a particularly perilous match is Doghouses.

Doghouses can land you with a Hellhound who helps you out during a match, and they’re tough as ever. You can even pet your new companion and be revived by them if things go awry, so it’s worth seeking them out. Here’s MW3 Zombies’ Doghouse locations, and how to pet a dog, once you find one.

MW3 Zombies Doghouse spawn locations

Doghouses will spawn randomly in MW3 Zombies matches, though it does appear that they will spawn at a predetermined location during each match. Which location they’ll spawn at, however, is up to you to go and find out.

A post shared to the MW3 subreddit by user funkymunkey66661 shows 16 locations in which you can expect a Doghouse to possibly spawn during a match.

Doghouse random spawn locations map.
by in ModernWarfareIII

So, when you load into a match, you want to keep an eye out on these locations and see if a Doghouse has spawned there as you progress. The writer of the above Reddit post also advises in the comments that players should look out for black smoke coming off the Doghouse, which can help determine if one is nearby or not.

The player pings a nearby Doghouse in a medium-threat zone in MW3 Zombies
Image credit: Activision/VG247

On top of that, while a Doghouse is not typically marked on your map, it will become marked if you’re nearby, so remember to keep checking your map for new icons in the surrounding area.

How to pet the dog in MW3 Zombies

One of MW3’s many achievements involves petting a Hellhound, but how can you do that when they’re constantly trying to tear into your flesh? Well, that’s why we want to find a Doghouse!

Once you successfully track down a Doghouse in MW3 Zombies, you’ll need to make sure that there are no zombies in the area and then deposit Chunks of Flesh into it. These are a rare drop from zombies you may have mowed down using powerful weapons.

The player approaches a Doghouse, home to a Hellhound, in MW3 Zombies
Image credit: Activision/VG247

On top of that, the amount of flesh you need to deposit depends on what zone you’re in; low-threat zone Doghouses need one Chunk of Flesh, medium-threat zone Doghouses require two, and high-threat Doghouses require three. Once that’s done, the Hellhound will be more than happy being your pet. They’ll fight enemies for you, and even revive you if needed.

If you want to pet them, you’ll need to wait for them to finish ravaging zombies and sit still. Then, you can approach them and pet them, voila!

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