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MultiVersus has over 60,000 PC players and it's not even out yet

It looks like this platform fighter is hitting the ground with a lot of momentum.

Multiversus - the free-to-play platform fighter from Player First games and Warner Bros - looks like it’s setting up for an incredibly popular soft launch. Even before the open beta releases on July 26, the game has reached a peak PC player count of over 60,000 on Steam alone (via SteamDB).

While not an official Valve tool, SteamDB can be a good measure of rough player popularity, if taken with a pinch of salt. With recorded user numbers reaching this all time peak even before waves of eager players are let in, on just one of the three launch platforms, it’s easy to see this title becoming one of the big industry victors this season.

Watch the gameplay trailer for Multiversus here for a good idea of what the game plays like!

Those who have been playing during previous betas have something to look forward too on launch, as a collection of new characters are joining the roster! This includes American basketball player Lebron James who’ll be popping into the game alongside the open beta, and Rick & Morty who’ll both be in the game during season 1.

The game itself is turning out to be hella good! We previewed it back during the first closed beta test in May, and came away impressed by the quality of the title even then! Fast forward to this week, with a lot of the rough bits and bumps having been ironed out, we’ve been left feeling even better about this game’s prospects moving into the latter half of 2022.

If you want to read more about Multiversus, check out our feature on Multiversus’ best feature - toasting other players! Are you planning on jumping into the game yourself tomorrow? Let us know below!

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