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MS: Black Ops exclusivity window's a "big deal for us"


Microsoft's Chris Lewis has defended the company's choice to open its E3 press conference with the news that all DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops will hit Xbox 360 before anywhere else.

Speaking with VG247 in and interview, Lewis said that the reason it opened with a COD bang, was because this was big news for the company, and a big deal to it.

"That is a hugely significant deal," he said. "Somebody asked me that yesterday, they were like ‘ So, wow, you started with that versus of your own IP’ – but that is a massively significant deal for us. And, are we truly agnostic in terms of our own content versus others? Yeah! Of course we are! Because from our point of view it’s just rich consumer buffering that I think is almost second to none.

"So, yeah, it’s a big deal".

The exclusivity deals won't stop soon either, apparently, because MS is rather fond of the concept.

"We still love exclusive windows, we still love all of those things as you can imagine," said Lewis. " We love downloadable content because it plays uniquely to our strength of Xbox Live – certainly I think Call of Duty, Halo, games like that are synonymous with live gameplay.

"A lot of people we talk to don’t play those kind of games unless they’re connected to their friends and competing with their friends.

"So, those kinds of relationships, exclusive windows, those unique windows we can offer will always be important to us, yes".

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