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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to get Antique Tablewear and Felyne Meownarch and Canyne Knight armor

Antique Tablewear is a great gift for your buddies – but where in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak can you find it?

Antique Tablewear is an account item in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Though you may pick it up earlier than you need to complete the "A Great Gift for your Buddies" quest, you're going to need to bag another one if you want to complete the quest and fetch the Felyne Meownarch and Canyne Knight armor designs.

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How to get Antique Tablewear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Under the bridge at location 1 in the Citadel.

Antique Tablewear can only be obtained by activating certain Master Rank Quests.

You'll need to head to one of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak's new locations in order to find the Antique Tablewear: The Citadel. This is the location you'll unlock fairly early in your Sunbreak quest, and the place that houses Malzeno, Garangolm, and Lunagaron (depending on which quests you pick up).

You can visit the area in an Expedition if you'd rather not go there searching for a big fight. Simply talk to Chichae, and select it from the Master Rank quest list.

You usually get the Tablewear – if not, hop out and try again.

Once you're in the location, you'll want to head immidiately forward from the starting camp – here, you'll cross a bridge. Drop down immdiately, and observe the area under the bridge. There should be a chest that has a yellow glow. It'll have the label 'Stately Storage Box' (very in-keeping with the regal theme of the expansion).

Interact with the box to pilfer its items; these can either be Antique Tablewear (worth 320 account points) or Worn Tablewear (worth 120 account points).

Quests that include Antique Tablewear

You will need to get the item in order to complete the "A Great Gift for your Buddies" quest, which is issued by Sue the Researcher in Elgado Outpost. She is a Felyne that can be found on top of a wooden structure, just above the Command Post in Elgado.

You will unlock this once you're a certain way into the Master Rank questline, and have cleared a few urgent quests in Elgado.

Completing the quest will allow you to make the Felyne Meownarch and Canyne Knight armor designs – which are very nearly the best Palico and Palamute armour sets in the game.

You'll need to complete this quest to get some of the best Buddy gear.

How to get Felyne Meownarch and Canyne Knight armor designs

Once you've got the item, you'll only need to return to and talk to Sue in Elgado to claim your reward. From here, visit the Buddy Smithy near Chichae.

You'll notice the option to craft both sets of armour has automatically been added to your available slots. You'll need 3 pieces of Malzeno scrap each in order to be able to make them. See our guide for beating Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak if you're having trouble getting these parts.

Who's a good boy!?

You'll also need Elgado Tickets, which are rewarded to you for completeing Urgent Quests and progressing your Master Rank. You will be given these by Admiral Gelleus. By the time you're ready to craft this armour, you should have enough in hand.

Making any Malzeno armor or weapons for your hunter will generate scraps, otherwise you can turn parts in via the 'Trade for Scraps' part of the Buddy Smithy menu to get more.

The armor, as far as I can see, is the second-best Palico/Palamute set in the game. So you're going to want to try it out before going for the best set.

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