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Where to find Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise

Stripes are so "in" this season

Monster Hunter Rise Striped Hide is a fairly common item you’ll see pop up several times when you visit the smithy.

There’s an early-game armor set based on it, but Striped Hide comes in handy when you need to upgrade weapons as well. Unlike some monster parts, there’s actually a fair few ways to obtain this as well.

How do you get Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise?

Striped Hide comes from the Remobra, a common flying monster you’ll encounter in nearly every stage. It’s a good then they’re common as well, since you only have a 30% chance of obtaining Striped Hide from Remobra when you carve them.

Where to find Remobra in Monster Hunter Rise

The earliest you can get Striped Hide is in the Shrine Ruins, though there aren’t many Remobra here. You’ll need to Wirebug your way to the highest elevations in the middle of the map, and you’ll find a few lurking around the plateau near sector 5.

The easiest way to farm Striped Hide from multiple Remobra is by taking on expeditions in the Frost Islands map. You’ll find plenty of Remobra in the open expanse in sector 7, and while it’s still a bit of a gamble whether you’ll get Striped Hide, you at least have more chances.

Keep an eye on notifications in the hunting hub as well, as you’ll occasionally have swarms of Remobra show up in random areas.

What is Striped Hide for in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Remobra armor set is the earliest use you’ll have for Striped Hide, a snazzy outfit with good resistances and decent skills. These weapons also require Striped Hide:

  • Graceful Death hammer I (4)
  • Calamitous Portent Hammer II (3)
  • Venom Hatchet II (3)
  • Deadly Serpentblade I (1)
  • Shotgun (Viper) I (1)
  • Kamura Iron Bow III (2)

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