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Monster Hunter Now: How to use referral codes

Get rewards for welcoming in new Hunters.

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Monster Hunter Now referral codes are a great way for new and existing players to earn useful freebies for their hunts. When you start the latest game from Pokemon Go makers Niantic, you're given the option to enter a referral code after you create your character.

However, you may be a bit confused by what exactly is a referral code, and why you should enter one in. If you're struggling to understand how referral codes work in Monster Hunter Now then we're here to help. We'll explain what exactly is a referral code, how to get one and why you should redeem a code when creating a character.

What is a Monster Hunter Now referral code?

Referral codes are essentially invite codes that existing Monster Hunter Now players can send to new players. If it is entered at the start of a game, both the new and existing players are sent in-game rewards.

When a Monster Hunter referral is successful, and the new player has reached Hunter Rank 6, the exisiting player gets rewarded with:

  • Three Paintballs
  • Five Potions
  • 00 Zenny

And the new player gets:

  • Two Paintballs
  • Three Potions
  • 1,000 Zenny

The more people you invite that join Monster Hunter Now, the more rewards you'll earn. There is a maximum amount of times a code issues rewards each month though. The first 20 successful redemptions each month will hand out rewards, after that you'll have to wait till the start of the next month for referral codes to award goodies again.

How do you enter a referral code in Monster Hunter Now?

A referral code must be entered at the start of the game. After creating your character and choosing your hunter's name, a menu will pop up asking 'Do you have a referral code?' If you have one, select 'Yes'.

Monster Hunter Now menu screens for redeeming referral codes.
Image credit: VG247/Niantic

This will open up another menu with a textbox. Simply type in the referral code and then select the 'Submit' button.

A notification will then appear on screen, letting you know the rewards will be handed out once you hit Hunter Rank 6, and that the inviting player will receive rewards then too.

How do you find your referral code in Monster Hunter Now?

If you want a referral code for your account in Monster Hunter Now, then you need to reach Hunter Rank 6. Once you have reached that level or higher, tap your hunter's icon on the main screen. Then, press the QR code button. Scroll down to the bottom of that screen, and there you'll find a referral code you can send to other players.

Are Monster Hunter Now redemption codes different?

Besides referral codes, Niantic also issues Monster Hunter Now redemption codes. These codes are different to referral codes, and are released when the game hits specific milestones. Unlike referral codes, promo codes don't have to be redeemed when you start a game. It can be entered at any time - providing the code is still active.

That's it for our guide on how referral codes work in Monster Hunter Now. While you're here, why don't you check out our lists of codes for other popular mobile games. We've got pages for Pokemon Go codes, Pokemon Unite codes, Honkai Star Rail codes, Genshin Impact codes and Honkai Impact codes.

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