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Modern Warfare 3's first playlist update has players glowing red

Modern Warfare 3 has received its first ever playlist update, bringing something familiar, something expected, and an experiment.

Simon 'Ghost' Riley is shown in MW3
Image credit: Activision

Sledgehammer Games, which recently rolled out the first major patch for Modern Warfare 3, has also pushed out a playlist update for the weekend. Playlist updates bring new playlists to the game, and typically rotate every week or so.

For this first one, the developer is starting out strong with three of them.

The update brings exactly three new playlists, available for anyone on the multiplayer screen. First, there's a Terminal 24/7 playlists. As the name suggests, this playlist will rotate between different game modes, but only on the map Terminal.

Terminal is a fan-favourite, of course, so no surprises there, though it will be interesting to see which map gets that treatment next. The second playlist is a standard Modern Warfare 2 moshpit, which has four maps from last year's games.

They are Farm 18, Crown Raceway, Mercado Las Almas, and Shoot House. The maps are unchanged from MW2, but you should expect them to play differently thanks to Modern Warfare 3's loose movement. The third and final playlist is experimental.

In it, players will have a coloured red outline around them, which should help make enemies stand out much more from their environment. Perhaps this is a response to the complaints about the "Groot" skin, which has players calling for nerfs thanks to its ability to blend into a lot of environments.

If you try out the experimental playlist, expect to receive a survey from the developer about your experience.

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