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One of the many skins that ruined MW2 is now ruining Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty continues to sell skins that can be near invisible in multiplayer. Players keep buying them, and the cycle repeats.

Image credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 launched with a feature no previous Call of Duty had. That, of course, was the ability for skins, weapons, operators and so on to carry forward from MW2. We can spend all day arguing the merits of that decision, but the point is that MW3 started its life with a lot of baggage from Warzone, and last year's game.

Case in point: skins that offer irrefutable gameplay advantages. And the so-called Groot skin is the latest one to cause a controversy.

The skin in question is actually called Gaia, but it pretty much looks like Groot from the Marvel Comics/films, so that's what players have been calling it. Gaia adapts very well to its surroundings because of how see-through it is and how thin its various lines are.

It blends incredibly well in dark corners, and even in lightly-lit environments. Thanks to carry forward, and the fact the same Season 6 battle pass that rewards Gaia remains active, more and more people are using the skin.

Although the skin's extreme advantage was lessened somewhat prior to Modern Warfare 3's release, the colour and contrast of the game's maps has given it more power. This is especially true in the tunnels of Wasteland, as well as the main building and wooded areas of Estate.

Might want to mess around with your contrast. | Image credit: Activision, Reddit user korge23

Here's one Reddit user showing just how hard it is to see the player in this spot inside the cave in Afghan.

Many players are now calling for the skin to be nerfed again. In fact, simply typing the word 'skin' into the search bar of Modern Warfare 3's subreddit brings up half a dozen threads all talking about Gaia.

Many predit Gaia will not be adjusted until the season ends in early December, which is actually something Call of Duty has done so many times in recent history following the release of a costly new skin - leaving it the way it is just long enough to sell as many of it as possible before "adjusting" it.

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