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Minecraft Pocket Edition Survival update due February

Mojang has put a tentative date on its promised Minecraft Pocket Edition update, which will add survival and adventure features into the mobile version.

"We have planned to submit and update by February the 8th. Then Android Market and the iOS AppStore must approve it and it will be in your hands," Daniel Kaplan wrote on the company's blog.

The free update will being the mobile version more in-line with the core game, something Mojang initially didn't plan on.

"We had an initial plan of making Minecraft – Pocket Edition more like Minecraft Creative. But alas we were wrong. We have read tons of comments and feedback and it seems like we made a huge mistake," Kaplan said,

"You wanted monsters, resources, animals and more different blocks. This means that the initial code we had written didn’t exactly fit with the new plan where we wanted to add all the stuff you have been asking for. So we have been reorganizing, rewritten and changed the whole plan for Minecraft – Pocket Edition."

As such, this update will be a big one, but with most of the additions on the back-end. Player perception of new content will be limited to animals, blocks, fences and doors, but future updates will build in familiar aspects like crafting.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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