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Microsoft might soon own Call of Duty, but PlayStation is getting a Modern Warfare 3 beta first

No word on when this beta is meant to take place, though.

Image credit: Activision

Call of Duty will soon be under Microsoft's umbrella, but it isn't yet - and as it turns out, Modern Warfare 3's first beta is getting a head start on PlayStation.

Earlier this week, Activision finally confirmed what we all already knew: the next Call of Duty game is in fact Modern Warfare 3, and it's launching November 10. Seeing as Microsoft doesn't actually own Activision yet, it also isn't very surprising that the game is coming to PlayStation consoles (plus, Sony has signed a deal so that the series will stay on its platform for a while longer). But Activision and PlayStation are seemingly keeping their close relationship together for the time being, as it was recently spotted by Call of Duty news account CharlieIntel that Modern Warfare 3's beta will be on PlayStation first (thanks, Eurogamer).

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This came from an ad for the game on the Sony Arabic YouTube channel, with translations provided by CharlieIntel. "Play the demo first on PlayStation," reads the image. "Available on PlayStation at least five days before any other platform." Though it does also note that you'll have to have pre-ordered the game if you want to be able to take part in the first beta.

There's no word on when said beta is happening just yet, so you'll have to wait for an official announcement. But if the ad is accurate, then if you're on PlayStation you'll at least be able to play it before anyone else.

The full game is technically still yet to be revealed, though it is believed that the full reveal of the game will take place within Warzone 2.0 itself. Again, there's no official word on exactly when that's meant to be, but hey, November is basically right around the corner, so there's only so long Activision can take.

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