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Microsoft Flight Simulator's Retail Version Will Ship on 10 Discs

They look pretty aerodynamic.

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This is a bit of a blast from the past. While there is a digital version of the upcoming next entry in Microsoft's Flight Simulator franchise, a physical version is also available—and it'll take 10 discs of real estate to make it happen.

In a forum post from Aerosoft's Mathijs Kok, he confirmed that Aerosoft has been chosen as the retail publishing partner for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Through that deal, Aerosoft will bring two boxed versions of the simulator to Europe, which includes 10 double-layer DVDs and a printed manual.

Absolutely glorious. | Aerosoft, Microsoft

Honestly, it makes me nostalgic for the old days of PC gaming. I remember stuffing disc after disc into my PC just to install Unreal Tournament 2004. Good times. Obviously, there's a lot of data to be handled in the install of a modern game like Microsoft Flight Simulator. In a later post, Kok reaffirms that the "boxed and download versions are 100% the same." This just seems like an option for those either nostalgic or into collector's items, or maybe those with slow internet speeds who could use an install-from-disc option.

Microsoft recently confirmed that Flight Simulator would be coming to PC on August 18 with three different pricing tiers. Depending on which tier you buy the game at, you'll get varying amounts of aircraft to fly, as well as different hand-crafted versions of famous airports. No news has emerged on where an Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is at yet.

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Meanwhile, Xbox is gearing up for its big July showcase next week, where it's set to show off more of what the next generation of gaming looks like on the Series X. It will also be hosting a multi-day demo event to showcase even more games on the platform including Cris Tales, Haven, Skatebird, and more to come.

If you're interested in the multi-disc edition, Kok says in his original post that Aerosoft plans to start shipping boxes "at or around August 21." Otherwise, Microsoft Flight Simulator hits PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC, on August 18.

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