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Marvel's Spider-Man 2's cube glitch cannot be contained, as it returns to claim another costume

Long live the cube!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2's cube glitch is back, this time taking over an entirely different costume, proving it deserves to be officially recognised.

Last month, when Spider-Man 2 launched, players quickly discovered a glitch that would turn both Peter and Miles into a plain, white cube, which came as a result of the pair's costumes not loading for whatever reason. Unfortunately for those that love a funny bit, Insomniac patched the glitch out, leaving us all to assume that we could never become a cube in Spider-Man 2 again (until the game inevitably comes to PC and modders add it back in). Well, I've got good news for you friends, because you can't keep a good man down: the Spider-Cube glitch is back, though who knows if it's here to stay.

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The return of the glitch was shared by a user over on the subreddit for Insomniac's Spider-Man series, where it was explained that simply selecting the Kumo suit for either character triggered the glitch. Neither the user who shared the glitch or anyone in the comments has any idea what caused the glitch on this particular occasion, so who knows if it's replicable, but personally the fact it persists is evidence that Insomniac needs to add the cube in permanently, before it takes over us all.

With it's a Peter cube or Miles cube, one thing we know for certain now is just who the main Spider-Man will be going forward in Insomniac's Spider-Verse, as the developer recently clarified who the frontman is in a recent interview. But before we see said Spider-Man in action, there's a chance we'll get a Venom spin-off first - though that'll likely come after Insomniac's Wolverine game, which the developer also recently confirmed is set in the same universe as its Spider-Man games. Plenty to be excited about if you're a fan of Insomniac's approach to Marvel so far.

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