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Is there going to be a Spider-Man 3? We might get a Venom spin-off first

Well, I suppose, if you insist… (sigh)... go on then…

Venom in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
Image credit: VG247/Insomniac Games

While players have barely had a chance to dip their toes into the highly-anticipated Marvel's Spider-Man 2, one Insomniac developer has already teased that the studio’s next superhero game could be a spin-off involving Venom.

This interesting little nugget comes from a recent interview between Spider-Man 2's senior narrative director, Jon Paquette, and Insider. According to Paquette, a standalone Venom game is something the studio could be open to, if fans are vocal enough in their desires for it.

Responding to the idea of a game about everyone’s favourite creature with a lengthy tongue that could be of a similar size and scope to 2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Paquette said: “So, here's what we're doing. We're focused on Spider-Man 2, and what we're gonna do is we're gonna wait to see how the fans react.”

While adding that any decision to go ahead with a Venom spin-off title would see the team ask themselves what fans “really want”, Paquette also emphasised that Insomniac's current focus is giving its devs a well-deserved rest in the immediate aftermath of Spider-Man 2’s release.

The interview also saw the senior narrative director declare that he hopes Spider-Man 2 delivers “one of the best Venom stories” players have experienced. He also revealed that creative director Bryan Intihar was a driving force behind the hiring of actor Tony Todd to provide Venom’s voice.

Given the pretty positive reception that Miles Morales achieved among critics and audiences, plus the rave reviews that Spider-Man 2 has gotten ahead of its imminent arrival, it seems that a Venom game which could pull from some of the comic book lore Paquette also alludes to in the interview might go down a treat.

Though, for now, it remains just a potential option that might be on the distant horizon as players begin to web-sling their way around New York and battle against foes like Kraven the Hunter.

The good news is that, with Spider-Man 2 currently being set to receive a new game plus mode prior to the end of this year, there’ll be plenty to keep even the speediest superheroes occupied in the interim, including going on all the rides at Coney Island.

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