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Marvel's Avengers: "We're not making an MCU game, or a comic book game," says Crystal Dynamics

Crystal Dynamics has attempted to counter the poor reaction to its reveal of Marvel's Avengers by shaking off association with the blockbuster cinematic universe and comic books in general.

The developer wants players to jump into what it sees as the next stage of the Avengers, distancing it from a round of headlines and comments from E3 last week that poked fun at the budget look of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

"We always love feedback from the fans, so we've got time on this game, and part of what I take from these showings is just personal inspiration, feedback, we do a lot of playtesting at Crystal so we believe strongly in making a game that works for the fans.

"That as much as we're not making an MCU game, or a comic book game specifically, we are making an Avengers game and it's for Avengers fans," said Noah Hughes, studio creative director.

"I mean I think that's natural, right?" he said of the shade thrown after the reveal. "So that's not a surprise. I think everyone should respond to the heroes in the way it makes them feel."

Hughes feels that the MCU's multi-billion dollar success shouldn't overshadow other stories that can be told with the Avengers.

"It was important for us to be bringing to life in gaming the vast history of the Avengers," he told VG247. "And I think the MCU is such an amazing accomplishment, that it's hard not to recognise that as a centrepiece of the Marvel universe and of the Avengers.

"But it really isn't the sum total of the Avengers. So part of the fun we have is to draw inspiration from the comics as well, and bring things to life in ways that people haven't seen before and all of that."

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Claiming not to be inspired by the movies doesn't really wash when the character costumes and settings for the game are so similar to the films, and it really just seems that Crystal Dynamics is trying to deflect from the uncanny likenesses of Thor, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers that caused the muted response last week.

But Hughes insists the game can step our from under the shadow of the MCU now that the current movie arc has concluded.

"I mean I think it's good timing, I think it was nice to have the closure that is represented in Endgame," he said.

"We're excited about being what's next for those Avengers, and I think the fans will come along for the ride, hopefully.

"I can't wait to share more about the game and some of our inspiration for it, but I think that this idea of creating a new journey for players to go on, my hope is that the fans will want to go on that journey with us."

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