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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth Wait For Me Substory 11 Guide

Can you remember the right food orders, the full menu, and the chef's name?

Ichiban Kasuga relaying a customer's order in the Wait for Me substory in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Across Ichiban Kasuga’s adventure through , no task is too big or too small. But even if the stakes of the mission are a little lower than his main quest, Kasuga will always give 100% effort, whatever the charge.

So when he takes on a part-time position waiting tables in Substory 11: Wait For Me, suddenly remembering customers’ orders becomes the most important thing in the world.

But since this is the first memory test you have to undertake in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, you’re easily forgiven for not paying enough attention while each customer places their complicated order.

So everyone can go home happy, and you can grab the best reward for your efforts, here’s what everyone ordered and the chef’s name in the Wait For Me substory.

Substory 11: Wait For Me Walkthrough

You find the Wait For Me substory in the northern part of Honolulu City, Little Japan. It’s close to the Revolve Bar that serves as your hangout in Hawaii.

There you meet Obi, a local chef in need of an extra hand around the store, who mistakes Kasuga for an applicant he interviewed online. Never one to turn down a challenge, Ichiban offers to step up and help out.

The full menu of the restaurant where Ichiban Kasuga waits tables during the Wait for Me substory in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Your first task is to greet diners who sit down for a meal, matching your enthusiasm to their personality.

First, the cheerful guest wants a loud, boisterous welcome, so push up to pump up the volume.

Next, the gentleman wants a more refined experience, so keep the bar close to the middle.

Finally, the excited children want a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so crank up the bar one more time for a loud greeting.

What did the customers order?

Next, Kasuga has to contend with a series of memory tests based on the restaurant’s menu and the customer’s orders.

The answers for the customers orders are:

Ah Poke and 3 Hauptias, Mahi Mahi, Acai Bowl and Lau Lau.

Ichiban Kasuga waiting tables in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Then for the dishes left on the side that Kasuga needs to discern between, the answers are:

The left dish, then the middle dish.

What’s the chef’s name?

Finally, after a delicious meal, the family outside would like to thank the chef personally and ask Kasuga for an introduction.

Ichiban Kasuga trying to remember the chef's name in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

This is easily the hardest question, since it’s a detail that’s really easy to not pay attention to.

But the chef’s name is Obispo!

With that, he thanks Ichiban for his hard work and, provided you’ve got the answers correct, gives him an employee meal which can be used for healing in battle, a skill book that gives bonus XP to the Chef Job, and a day’s pay.

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