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Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Neck Deep in Love Substory 14 guide

Hitomi Hamabe needs some help confessing her love to Tanabe-kun.

Ichiban Kasuga looking for Tanabe-kun on a crowded beach in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

In , when he’s not digging into the secrets of his past and taking on the criminal underworld almost single-handedly, Ichiban Kasuga is helping those in need.

One of the many roles he can take on during his time in Hawaii is matchmaker, as the big softie offers to play cupid and deliver messages between a highschooler on a trip and her crush. The only problem is he’s never actually seen the kid.

So in Substory 14, Neck Deep in Love, Kasuga not only has to save a new friend from heartbreak but turn investigator and track down his target on a packed beach.

It’s easy to get turned around in this section, so if you’re struggling, here’s where to find Tanabe-kun and deliver the letter in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Substory 14: Neck Deep in Love Walkthrough

On West Aloha Beach, look at the girl hiding behind surfboards and you begin Substory 14: Neck deep in Love.

A highschool girl on a class trip, Hitomi Hamabe, tasks Kasuga with delivering a letter to her crush in her stead, after he surprises her and messes up her outfit.

Ichiban Kasuga speaking to Hitomi behind some surfboards in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

The boy she likes is called Tanabe-kun, and she shows you a picture. Remember this picture: a guy with short hair and glasses who’s on the baseball team. It’s important for later.

Which head is Tanabe-kun?

When you arrive, you find a slew of people buried in the sand and have to find Tanabe mixed in amongst the sea of heads.

Speak to the available heads you can interact with and they will give you cryptic clues to help track down Tanabe.

They say: “Tanabe is not next to a watermelon. He is between the yellow and red parasols. He’s not in the left-hand row that’s facing the ocean. He’s friends with Sato-kun and they were buried facing each other.”

Ichiban Kasuga finding Tanabe-kun during the Neck Deep in Love substory in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Image credit: SEGA/VG247

Using those clues, you can deduce that Tanabe-kun is in row number 3, second from the top, facing right. The final clue is crucial here, because you can see him facing his friend.

Give him the letter and you’ll run off to meet with Hitomi. For guessing correctly, you get the Courage Pendant which blocks fear.

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