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Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent quest guide - Find Reeky's Hideout

The mystery at the centre of Kingdom Come Deliverance continues.

Henry’s search for the bandit gang that massacred Neuhof stable has lead him to the town of Ledetchko to find Reeky, the tanner’s son. Here’s our guide on how to complete the On the Scent main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance, with instructions on where and how to find Reeky’s hideout.

This quest requires a spade which, if you haven’t got one from when you completed The Good Thief side quest, you can procure from the general trader in Ledetchko.

On the Scent quest guide:

  • Ask around Ledetchko about Reeky
  • Persuade Reeky’s father to tell you about his hideout
  • Speak to the barmaid at the inn about Reeky’s associates
  • Talk to Adela the bathmaid about Reeky
  • Tell the Innkeeper you know about the poaching and ask where Reeky’s hideout is
  • Head to the cave northeast of Ledetchko
  • Speak to Reeky

Starting the Quest

After you’ve helped Father Godwin as part of the Mysterious Ways quest, he’ll point you towards Reeky in Ledetchko. Unfortunately, Reeky’s nowhere to be found, so Henry needs to track him down.

To get started, ask any villager about Reeky. You can do this as far away from Ledetchko as Woyzeck’s mill. Once you have, they’ll say to speak to Reeky’s father, the tanner, on the southern side of Ledetchko next to the river.

Talk to Reeky’s father and persuade him using Speech or Charisma to tell you where his son might be. He’ll tell you that Reeky often poached game in the forest and had a hideout there.

Find Reeky and his hideout

Now you know that you’re looking for Reeky in the woods, go to the inn in Ledetchko and speak to the barmaid. She’ll tell you to speak to one of the bath maids at the bathhouse on the northern side of the river, near Reeky’s Dad’s house.

Find Adela there and convince her to tell you about Reeky, again either with speech or charisma.

She’ll say that Reeky used to visit her after he’d been poaching and brought fresh firewood, so you should ask after him at the woodcutter’s camp northeast of Ledetchko.

Then ask her who Reeky sold his poached game to, and she’ll point you towards the innkeeper.

Adela will also tell you about a stash of money that Reeky buried at his father’s house. Head over to Reeky’s Dad’s and look in the garden on the western side of the main house. In the northwestern corner, there’s a fresh hole. Dig it up with your spade and help yourself to more than 100 Groschen and a decent gambeson.

When you talk to the innkeeper and he’ll deny all knowledge, so convince him to talk with your skill of choice.

He’ll then admit to buying the game, and when you ask him where Reeky’s hideout could be, he’ll mention that it could be a cave or mineshaft and marks three on your map.

There’s only one cave in the direction of the woodcutter’s camp, so make your way to the map marker over there.

Talking to Reeky

On your way to the cave northeast of Ledetchko there’s a point-of-interest on your map, just southwest of the cave. This is a chest with a “hard” lock on it. If you have decent lockpicking skills, have a go at opening this chest - it has well over 1000 Groschen of loot inside.

When you’re done with that, make your way to the cave marked on your map and go inside.

Here you’ll find Reeky injured and dying.

Ask him for everything he knows and he’ll tell you that his friend Timmy knows more about the bandit camp than him and to track him down near Merhojed.

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