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Kingdom Come: Deliverance The Good Thief side quest guide - Where to find a spade and how to sell stolen items

Right from the off, Kingdom Come Deliverance doesn’t hold your hand. While this can help to create an immersive world, it does mean that it’s quite easy to get stuck performing even the most mundane tasks.

Here’s our side quest guide to The Good Thief, in case you need help getting a spade, or finding the Executioner’s house.

This quest requires breaking into a chest, which in Kingdom Come Deliverance is easier said than done. We’ve also got a guide on how to pick locks in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and where to get lockpicks.

The Good Thief side quest guide:

  • Speak to Miller Peshek and accept the quest
  • Collect the spade resting against the cart in front of his house
  • Speak to Miller Peshek again and ask him to teach you lockpicking
  • Follow the marker on your map to Gallows Hill
  • Dig up the corpse
  • Return to the Miller Peshek
  • Break into the Executioner’s house and steal the ring from the chest
  • Bring it back to the Miller Peshek and then deliver it to his friend

Starting the quest

The Good Thief is one of the first side quests that you can acquire in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and tasks you with some unsavoury business to repay your debt to Miller Peshek.

Once you’ve awoken in Rattay, speak to the Miller to start the quest. During the dialogue, you’ll have to swallow your pride and choose options that agree to what he asks of you.

He’ll send you off to the gallows to procure a ring from someone who doesn’t need it anymore - if you catch his drift - by any means necessary.

Find a spade

To complete your task you’ll need a spade, which Miller Peshek unhelpfully says is “around here somewhere”. It’s really easy to miss, but the spade is leaning against the cart in front of his house, on the right hand side as you come out. It’s next to the massive pile of logs, but you should notice it once you see the cart.

Once you’ve got the spade, talk to Miller Peshek again and ask him to teach you how to lockpick. He’ll give you a handful of lockpicks to test out, so practice well.

When you’re satisfied head out towards the location marked on your map.

Dig up the corpse

As you travel to the Executioner’s gallows, the terrain will start to get steeper before you start to get close to his house. So you don’t alert the Executioner and his hounds to your presence, it’s best to loop around his house and then move into the grave marked on your map.

Once you’ve dug up the body, loot it, and you’ll that there’s nothing there.

Be careful while you’re in the grave, if you’re carrying too much weight your jump height will be diminished and you’ll get stuck. If this happens, drop some stuff, hop out and pick it back up again when you’re safely on the edge.

Now you’re finished, go back to Miller Peshek.

How to get the ring from the Executioner

When you tell Miller Peshek what happened, he’ll ask you to get the ring back from the Executioner.

The Executioner is stubborn and doesn’t take kindly to people pointing out his misdemeanours, so there’s no point in asking nicely. You now have to get into his house and break into his locked chest to get the ring.

You have three options here:

If your speech skill is high enough, you can persuade the Executioner to leave on an errand.

You can use your whistle - Triangle or Y on console, “X” key on PC - to lure the Executioner outside before stealthily creeping into his bedroom.

Alternatively, you can try to sneak your way into the house with him still there.

Either way, you have to get into his bedroom and close the door so you’re not disturbed. Then you have to pick the lock on the chest and take the ring. Again, check out the lockpicking guide linked above if you’re having trouble.

Once you’ve stolen the ring, go back to Peshek and he’ll give you some pickpocketing lessons, then ask you to deliver the ring to his friend.

Follow the quest marker to the northeast and speak to Peshek’s friend.

Completing this quest allows you to fence stolen goods to Peshek and his friend, as well as unlocking a line of side quests.

If you're strapped for cash and need to buy lockpicks, try our Kingdom Come Deliverance money making guide.

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