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Kingdom Come Deliverance courtship guide: how to romance Stephanie, Theresa, barmaids and more

Want to master courtship in Kingdom Come Deliverance? It's got it all, from a roll in the hay to weird witch banging.

But like most quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance, it can be tricky to get the end result you're striving for.

Luckily for you, we're here to help with your love life, as part of our growing complete guide to Kingdom Come Deliverance.

There are a number of romance options in Kingdom Come Deliverance, all with different characters and end results. Most will gift you a trophy or achievement too.

There are two main courtships in Kingdom Come Deliverance with Stephanie and Theresa. And there's also a couple of others; one with a group of witches, and another with one of the local barmaids.

Here's how to start all four, and how to get the end result you're after.

Lady Stephanie courtship - Casanova achievement / trophy

Lady Stephanie is one of the first female characters you spend any significant time with, and early on she proves useful for a free bit of cash if you speak to her in Talmberg. Even this early in the game she appears to be very interested in main character Henry.

You won't be able to court Lady Stephanie until you've started the Awakening quest in Rattay. After this point you can start your courtship of Lady Stephanie by returning to her in Talmberg Castle and visiting her.

She will give you the quest At Your Service, My Lady. You are required to fetch her a number of items for her cousin's wedding; an ornamental crown, wine and a Roan, which is a type of horse.

You can pick these up in any order, and all are marked pretty clearly on your map. Lady Stephanie gives you the money for the wine, too.

Head to Uzhitz and find the local groom. Ask around if you can't track him down. He's wearing a big straw hat so is easy to spot. Talk to him and he'll tell you the horse is a bit wild and can't be tamed.

He'll tell you to talk to Vashek. Find Vashek, and he'll tell you he sings to the horse to calm it down. Now you just need to mount the roan and ride it back to the stables in Talmberg.

Now head to Sasau and speak to Master Jerome to get the ornamental crown. He'll ask you to find a moldavite stone which has gone missing but Henry will tell him to use another stone. You just need to come back to Jerome the following evening. You can either go on with your adventures and return, or forward time and pick up the crown.

Finally, go to Rattay and look for the mechant Konrad Hagen. Unfortunately he's given the last keg of wine away for an archery competition.

Go to the shooting range in Rattay and it's here you can enroll in the competition to win the wine at the archery contest. Speak to the archery master and he'll give you some arrows. You will need to score higher than the Townsman and the Trader to win the wine.

If you don't win the contest, don't worry. You can either talk the winner into giving you the wine for Stephanie or buy it off him.

Now return to Lady Stephanie in Talmberg. Give her the roan and sing the song to her, and also hand over the crown and the wine. In return she gives you her father's shirt.

Choose the dialogue option "alright" and put on the shirt. And there you go, you've successfully bedded Lady Stephanie and earned the trophy / achievement Casanova.

Theresa courtship - McLovin trophy / achievement

You don't technically have to hunt this side quest out as it automatically appears in your list as soon as you start the Keeping the Peace story quest in Rattay.

Go and talk to Nightingale, one of the guards in Rattay. He'll tell you to go and see Theresa, which you need to do before noon. You'll need to give her some jewelry to get in her good books and then ask her how she's been.

Now take her for a stroll along the river, and when she sprints off make sure you keep up with her. With the next dialogue options try flattering her and ask her "how do you manage to look so good?"

You'll next need to take her to the Broken Wheel Tavern, where you'll have a little dance. When the rude man interrupts, knock him out. After the first kiss, you'll have to leave and return to ask Theresa out once a few days have passed.

Agree to play Blind Man's Bluff with her and follow her to the barn. Let her win the game and when it starts raining go and collect the laundry. Follow Theresa back to the barn and that's it, you've successfully courted Theresa and unlocked the trophy / achievement McLovin.

Barmaid courtship - Sinner trophy/achievement

You can bed one of the barmaids in the Inn in Uzhitz as part of the Mysterious Ways quest. Just stay with Father Godwin for drinks in the Inn and you'll get your rocks off with the barmaid - you'll find a detailed walkthrough of the quest here.

Sex with witches and farm animals? The Bad Trip quest

The Bad Trip quest is one crazy ride. We have a walkthorugh here, where if you play your cards right you'll end up sleeping with one of three witches. Except because you're tripping off "ointment" the witches appear as farm animals, so you hallucinate having sex with a horse, chicken or pig.

No, we're not kidding.

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