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Id's Hollenshead says tech advancement is key, new Rage shots

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Put down that Wii-mote; it’s not wanted here. In an interview with Kikizo, id CEO Todd Hollenshead and Rage lead game designer Matt Hooper have stuck to their guns in terms of pushing the tech envelope.

“[Gaming is] a technology-driven industry, and I think people who say it's not a technology-driven industry don't know what industry that they're in, and they probably won't be here for very long - we've seen those people come and go over the years, when they say we're at the apex of technology and something else is going to take over,” Hollenshead said. “And I really do think those people are wrong. I think that there's a long ways for technology to go to continue to drive innovation and change within the business, and I think that happens on the hardware side, and on the software side as well, and certainly that has been one of the core things that has been key to id's success.”

Additionally, Hollenshead and Hooper spoke of their plans to dethrone the Unreal Engine 3 with their id Tech 5, saying that if a developer chooses not to look at id Tech 5 “then you are making a very, very bad mistake. Probably a mistake that ought to cost you your job.”

Check out the full interview for id’s thoughts on Steam, Doom 3 (it’s not a bad game!), and more uses of the phrase “60 fps” in a series of paragraphs than we’ve ever beheld. There are some new images of Rage through there as well, unless we're very much mistaken.

By Nathan Grayson

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