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How to get more potions in Diablo 4

More is always better

How to get more potions in Diablo 4 is an important little knowledge tidbit that the RPG is happy to sweep under the rug.

You start with just four potions, but can end up with quite a few more just by exploring and clearing dungeons.

That’s handy, since even with potion upgrades, just four of them won’t really see you through Diablo 4’s tougher challenges.

How to get more potions in Diablo 4

Diablo briefly throws up a system message about getting more potions when you unlock the ability to upgrade your potions, but “briefly” is key. I missed it entirely during the review period and only realized it’s possible after meeting the necessary conditions.

You can claim new potions by raising your renown in every region. Potion unlocks are typically the second or third reward, so while they won’t be available right away, it also won’t take that long to get them. Potion capacity increases for every character on your account, so you don't have to do this every time for every character you have.

Renown is something you gain for exploring a region and completing quests and dungeons there. Each region has its own renown quests and rewards, and your renown progress in one region won’t carry over to the next.

Once you’ve reached the necessary renown level, open the map menu. You can see a rundown of your current region progress at the top of the screen, and a button prompt to open the rewards menu. There, you’ll see what rewards are on offer at each milestone and how many points it takes to get there.

Your total renown is at the top of the screen, though it’s not really that helpful. You might have 200 renown, for example, but like in the screenshot below, it doesn’t count toward the 300 renown needed for the next milestone.

How to raise renown fast in Diablo 4

The easiest way to raise renown in Diablo 4 is just exploring the region, though filling out another section of the map only gives you five renown points. Strongholds grant you 100 renown points, but they’re also high-level challenges and not exactly common.

The fastest way to get renown in Diablo 4 is completing side quests. Most of them take little time to finish, and you get a cool 20 renown points for each one.

Dungeons are another solid choice, since each rewards you with 30 renown points – but only the first time you clear them. The downside is that they take a little bit longer to complete if you’re playing solo, though they do at least reward you with rare gear.

While you're exploring the wilds, keep an eye out for Reddamine and Lifesbane, since you'll need those for upgrading your potions. Check out our beginner's guide if you need a hand getting started on your journey through Sanctuary.

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