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Honkai: Star Rail maintains momentum by earning 44 million dollars in October

Genshin Impact retains number two spot, while Nikke takes a tumble.

Dan Heng a.k.a. Imbibtor Lunae looks deep into the eyes of a semi-transparent blue-green dragon, against the backdrop of a full moon in the night sky.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Honkai: Star Rail has hit the top earner spot among gacha games yet again, according to the monthly Sensor Tower report. It reportedly brought in 44 million dollars in September, beating out the runner up Genshin Impact by a whopping six million dollars.

There are other notable mentions in this report too, as many of last month's high earners have seen sizable drops in revenue. This includes Uma Musame which saw its earnings drop by a staggering $18 million compared to September, as well as Nikke: Goddess of Victory, which experienced a similar drop of 19 million dollars.

HoyoVerse games are no strangers to the top spots in these revenue reports, as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail have typically raked in the cash regardless of the month. However, it's encouraging for Star Rail fans to see momentum continuing to flow for the spacefaring adventure game several months after its launch.

Why has it brought in so much cash? Well, October was a key month in the ongoing update schedule of the game thanks to the version 1.4 update. In it, players were able to experience new story missions, two permanent game modes, and the usual pair of character banners that always bring in interest (and money).

It is worth noting that one of these characters - Jingliu - has proven exceptionally popular, which may have encouraged additional spending. Gacha games can be expensive, so players tend to wait for top-tier characters to appear before spending big. This has historically led to spikes in spending.

Hoyoverse's lineup of gacha titles has proven incredibly profitable for the company, as can be seen in its historical financial report last year. Bringing home over a billion dollars per year since 2021 has seemingly allowed the company to dive into different genres. Honkai: Star Rail is obviously the most recent manifestation of this growth, but you've also got Zenless Zone Zero, which looks brilliant too.

Let us know what you think of these reports. Do the figures surprise you, and do you think Honkai: Star Rail can keep this momentum going?

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