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"Sorry bro" but a Helldivers 2 story mode is "not happening"

"That's like building an entirely new game."

A player rocking Polar Patriots warbond gear reloading in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Those of you hoping for Helldivers 2 to get a dedicated story mode are out of luck, as Arrowhead has absolutely zero plans for one.

Helldivers 2 is obviously one of 2024's biggest games, in part because it's just good fun, but also because of the way its story has evolved over the past few months. It's a story that could only be told in a live-service game, because of the collaborative nature of its various tasks and missions. That hasn't stopped some players wanting a dedicated story mode, though, with one player even asking Arrowhead's brand new CEO Shams Jorjani if such a thing could be created to play with friends. Jorjani had a quite blunt but understandable response: "Not happening. Sorry bro. That's like building an entirely new game."

I can't blame Jorjani for such a response, having to create entire missions with their own unique narratives, on top of maintaining a live-service game, is a tough task for any team, but especially so for a studio like Arrowhead, which really didn't expect the game to blow up as much as it has. Besides, the whole appeal of the game is really the stories you get to tell your friends when you kill a bug in a cool way.

You also shouldn't expect too many updates this coming summer either, as Jorjani did also respond to another user on Twitter explaining that Arrowhead is "going to have a summer break which will have a small impact."

Helldivers 2 received a massive patch earlier this week, introducing a bunch of tweaks to numerous weapons, to the point there had to be a whole separate post just to explain those balances. That same update wasn't all good news though, as players also feel like it brought a bit of a difficulty spike, with some players even claiming that all the game's planets feel like the infamous Malevelon Creek. Though, as always, I imagine Arrowhead is keeping an eye on things, so it likely won't stay that way for too long.

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