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Halo Infinite's latest hotfix didn't fix issues with BTB mode

There are minor improvements, but overall matchmaking issues are still occurring.

343 Industries released a hotfix yesterday which was supposed to fix lingering Big Team Battle matchmaking issues in Halo Infinite.

While there were some minor improvements, matchmaking issues still persist.

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In a post on Twitter, Halo community director Brian Jarrard said the team is sorry the hotfix "didn't quite get the job done," but that work continues on the problem.

If you aren't a Halo player, BTB stands for Big Team Battle. It pits two teams of 12 against each other, and it is a rather popular mode with players. Unfortunately, there have been issues with the mode since December with players facing continual queue times.

The most recent hotfix was set to address the issue, but only minor service adjustments were able to be made to improve BTB matchmaking. The team is continuing to monitor and investigate the issue and asks that players remain patient.

As an olive branch to players, all those who sign into Halo Infinite between now and 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK on February 16 will receive five Double XP Boosts and five Challenge Swaps. These items will automatically be added to your inventory when you launch the game.

The other issue addressed with yesterday's hotfix was minor physics improvements were made to the Oddball to mitigate exploits.

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