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Half a million people are still playing Dying Light every week, so it's getting 10 free DLC drops over the next 12 months

Dying Light is still pretty lively, so TechLand's just going to keep supporting it.

Dying Light developer TechLand has announced plans to continue free support for the popular open world zombie adventure.

Players can expect to see ten pieces of DLC for Dying Light within the next 12 months - and all of it will be free on all platforms.

According to Dying Light producer Tymon Smektala, the DLC will add new, challenging enemies; more in-game events; mysteries to solve; "and much, much more".

To give you a "tiny taste" of this, TechLand will release a content drop with new enemies sometime soon. This "DLC #0" isn't included in the ten new releases; it's just a little taster. You can get a brief look at it in the video below.

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Techland has elected to continue support for Dying Light because it still attracts 500,000 active users a week. That's really healthy for any game that isn't one of the big blockbusters, let alone one that's been available for three years. (Back at release, Dying Light attracted 700,000 WAUs, by the way.)

TechLand's excellent ongoing support for the zombie adventure no doubt helps explain Dying Light's ongoing popularity, but the base game itself is pretty rad. From the developer of the original Dead Island, it makes a number of interesting changes and improvements to the formula and throws co-op into the mix for an all-round good time.

While we're glad to see Dying Light's continued success, this news does give us pause. Back in May 2016 TechLand said it wasn't planning on more Dying Light DLC and had two major projects in the works for release by the end of 2017. Clearly those plans have changed, and we haven't seen any announces from the studio. We were really looking forward to that open world RPG with giant enemies, so that's a shame.

Perhaps TechLand just wants to give its other projects more time in the oven, and can afford to due to Dying Light's success...? Let's hope so.

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