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Dying Light 2 patch adds New Game Plus mode with revitalized mechanisms

The update also includes a number of fixes and adds a new quest.

Techland has released the latest update to Dying Light 2, and it adds the promised New Game+ mode.

The mode will unlock once you finish the main game, and you will find modified game parameters in place this time out to encourage a second playthrough.

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You can now go through the story with revitalized mechanisms which include new enemy behaviors, more difficult encounters, new objects within the world such as the newly added inhibitors, and other changes which significantly alter gameplay.

With New Game+ you can also expect new platinum objectives for parkour challenges and updated distribution of enemies. For example, Volatiles and Banshee will spawn during the night, and you will find a wider variety of enemy pools in encounters.

There is also a new legendary weapon tier, the addition of gold encounters, and enemy difficulty will scale with your level.

As far as other additional content, a new quest has been added called Something Big Has Been Here, and it comes with special elemental Goon variants.

Techland has also addressed connection issues with the patch, improved game performance in co-op, fixed some co-op blocks, and fixed bugs such as one that was causing Howlers and Screamers to become invulnerable to damage.

Enemies with bows are less annoying and have decreased damage output, completed achievements are now correctly awarded upon completion, the patch fixes various bugs related to quests, UI/UX updates were made, and a FOV Slider has been added to the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

You can look over the full set of patch notes through the official webite.

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