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It looks like GTA 5's Michael might be coming to GTA Online

This may be our first tease towards a major new content update

A new mysterious NPC has been added to GTA Online, which might not sound too exciting on its own, but it may just point towards some future content for the massively popular action adventure game.

But before we talk about this NPC, we need to lay some groundwork. Data Miner rollschuh2282 discovered a new scenario spawn point in GTA online. This spawn point, located in front of the Record A studios.

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This spawn point, found with a “movie_set” pedestrian model set, was dug up from Xbox Series X/S and PS5 game files. This bit of code sleuthing, paired with the recent Vespucci Job remix featuring numerous references to movies and cinema, has led some to speculate that a future content update focused on the movies is on the way.

Fast forward a few hours and Twitter user Tez2, a well-known source of GTA Online updates and more micro in-game changes, found an NPC in-game linked to this movie set scenario walking around between the hours of 7 and 11AM in-game.

So what can we actually take away from this information? Well, for one, it obviously implies that something is heading to GTA Online that is linked to the Los Santos movie studios. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something massive - like a heist or big chunk of new narrative and mission content like we saw with The Contract DLC.

Instead, we could be getting something a touch smaller that’s tied to the area - like a new mission type or limited-time event. That being said, those who played through The Contract will know that Michael - one of the three protagonists of GTA 5 - is working for Solomon Richards at the Richards Majestic movie studios. With that in mind, we may very well be due to see the final familiar face from GTA V’s single player in GTA Online very soon. At least, we hope we are. Fingers crossed!

Would you like to see Michael pop up in GTA Online via some new movie studios update? Let us know below whether you think that’s what we’ll get, or do you reckon it’s something else.

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