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GTA 6 in production, GTA: Tokyo was considered by Rockstar - report

The next game in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 6, has entered production, according to a new report.


"Preliminary work" on GTA 6 has started, according to new report by TechRadar.

The title has yet to be officially announced, of course, and the source couldn't talk about the location the game will be set in.

The report also reveals that Rockstar had at one point considered a GTA game set in Tokyo. Known simply as GTA: Tokyo, the company was reportedly "serious" about the idea of a Tokyo-based GTA.

This was around the time of GTA 3 and Vice City. The development team had reportedly travelled to Tokyo to take reference photos, speak with locals and the like. The project was eventually canned due to "the road system" being seen as problematic.

TechRadar adds that the company had at one point registered trademarks for GTA: Tokyo, GTA: Bogota, and GTA: Sin City. Though the developer forgo the idea of GTA games set outside the US due to logistical and cultural reasons.

It's unlikely we'll be hearing about GTA 6 officially any time soon though, given how long these games take to develop.

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