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GTA 3 body armor guide - Where to find body armor and how to use it

Every body armor location in Liberty City

GTA 3 body armor is an important part of staying alive on the dangerous streets of Liberty City.

Once you start increasing your wanted level and taking on deadlier jobs, you’ll want to grab some body armor to make life easier for yourself. Fortunately, there’s plenty of it to find scattered across the city and island.

How body armor works in GTA 3

In GTA 3, body armor has a defense value that’s the same as your maximum health. In other words, it essentially doubles your HP, which makes it essential at higher wanted levels and in more difficult side missions. There’s no way to upgrade body armor in GTA 3, so you’ll need to find more should your existing body armor fall apart.

GTA 3 body armor locations

Body armor is scattered all over Liberty City, but if you don’t feel like searching, you can purchase it for $3,000 from Ammu-Nation or by entering an Enforcer vehicle.

Otherwise, here’s everywhere you can find body armor in GTA 3

Portland body armor locations

Atlantic Quays On top of Liberty City Sawmills
Atlantic Quays The end of the wooden pier in the western part of Portland
Portland Harbor (northeast) Near the emergency vehicles Import/Export crane
Portland Harbor (northeast) Export an Enforcer from the crane, then enter the car
Red Light District Collect 50 hidden passages, then check near the safehouse
Saint Mark's Behind Mama's Restaurante, near the Mafia Sentinel
Trenton On the roof of Liberty Pharmaceuticals
Trenton Across from Joey's Garage in a fenced area

Staunton Island body armor locations

Bedford Point Building next to Liberty City Cathedral, next to an Ak-47
Bedford Point In the Liberty Tree parking lot behind the Moonbeam
Belleville Park Collect 50 packages, then find it near the safehouse
Belleville Park On the roof of Uncle BJ's Deli and Groceries
Fort Staunton Second level of the Panlantic Construction Site
Liberty Campus Outside the northernmost building
Torrington Enter the Enforcer vehicle
Newport Under Callahan Bridge

Shoreside Vale body armor locations

Cedar Grove In the Cartel Mansion garage
Francis International Airport On top of the road tunnel
Pike Creek Garage
Pike Creek In the fenced area between Pay n' Spray and Liberty Pharmeceuticals
Wichita Gardens Collect 50 packages, then check near the safehouse

If even body armor won’t keep you alive in GTA 3, you might want to try getting a better car or weapon. Or just breaking the game with one of its many cheats.

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