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The best weapons in GTA 3 - Rocket launcher, Uzi, and more

Simple but effective

The best weapons in GTA 3 are easy to choose, given how few there are to actually use.

Sparseness is different from potency, though. GTA 3’s best weapons are just as deadly despite their lack of variety.

Best heavy weapon in GTA 3 - Rocket Launcher

  • Location: Complete Arms Shortage, then buy from Phil's Army Surplus on Staunton Island

There's not much to say about the rocket launcher that isn't obvious. It's massive, so you can't run with it, and it shoots tracking missiles capable of destroying even the Rhino.

Best melee weapon in GTA 3 - Baseball bat

  • Location: In front of every safe house

Fist combos can destroy vehicles, but they’re still weak and have short range. Baseball bats can kill an opponent in two hits, and, even better, it’s got a hit range to match the katana and machete in other 3D GTA games. Best of all, you can find baseball bats almost anywhere, so they’re handy if you happen to get busted.

Best small firearm in GTA 3 - Uzi

  • Location: Near the car crusher at the Harwood Junkyard on Portland Island

The compact Uzi far outperforms the middling pistol for GTA 3’s best handgun. The pistol is weak and has low range, but the Uzi does more than just hit harder. It has an impressive rate of fire and works perfectly in high-speed pursuits.

Best large firearm in GTA 3 - M16

  • Location: Complete Arms Shortage, then purchase from Phil’s Army Surplus on Staunton Island

GTA 3 groups several good weapons under the generic “large firearm” name, but the M16 stands out as one of the best in this category. It’s essentially GTA 3’s minigun, with a fast rate of fire and staggering level of power. The M16 can destroy vehicles and usually kills a target in one hit, and you can switch to first person aiming for greater accuracy.

GTA 3 Pump Shotgun

  • Location: The northwest side of Hepburn Heights apartment building in Portland

The shotgun is another weapon worth your time and one you can get before the M16. It’s not quite as deadly, but it certainly gets the job done.

Best thrown weapon in GTA 3 - Molotov Cocktail

  • Location: Buy from the Pike Creek LPCD Compound in Shoreside Vale after completing A Drop In The Ocean

You might not have fire immunity in GTA 3 as you do in Vice City, but as long as you throw with caution, the Molotov is a potent force. It explodes in a wide radius and sets opponents on fire with fatal results and also gives your wanted rating a hefty boost.

If you’re worrying about finding weapons in GTA 3, one of our handy GTA 3 cheats gives you all the game’s weapons with just a few button presses. What they won’t do is give you the fastest cars or help you across Callahan Bridge. Lucky for you, there’s an easy, if dangerous, way to cross that bridge before you get to it.

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