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“Aging gracefully”: Critics rave about Gran Turismo 7 on PS5

Gran Turismo 7 whisks players away to live the life of a self-made professional racer – but can the PS4 and PS5 game deliver?

Polyphony Digital is well-known for its production chops in Gran Turismo games. Whether it's in recreating beachy California-inspired street circuits, presenting its own take on the pine-lined courses of more European environments, or creating asphalt better than anything you've ever seen with your naked eyes, the studio excels.

But after the more multiplayer-orientated focus of GT Sport – the last game in the erstwhile series – a lot of PlayStation veterans were curious to see if the developer could still deliver a more mainstream affair; a game that spoke to the average player as much as it spoke to the esports enthusiast.

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It seems, with Gran Turismo 7, Polyphony Digital is back at its best; the reviews coming in for the game have been largely positive, with only a few outliers coming in with serious critisism of Sony's latest console exclusive.

It seems the extra time in the oven has done well for the game: Gran Turismo 7 was supposed to release sometime during 2021. However, towards the end of 2020, Sony pushed the title back to 2022 citing Covid-19 and its impact on development.

The delay also gave the game more time to kick up its marketing campaign, though. More than 30 minutes of GT7 PS5 footage was unveiled in Sony's State of Play showcase at the start of February – followed by some hype previews and interviews, too.

But what do the critics make of this new entry into the long-running – and iconic – series? Here are all the scores that matter:

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VG247 – 5/5 – This is a must-have for hardcore racing fans and the kind of game that is so good it might actually transform a few casual players into bonafide petrolheads themselves.

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