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Gran Turismo 7 on PC? It could still happen, suggests Polyphony Digital

Game designer, Kazunori Yamauchi, says that Polyphony Digital is "considering it."

This weekend just gone, it was the Gran Turismo World Finals, as well as Gran Turismo’s 25th Anniversary. During the event, it was revealed that Polyphony Digital could possibly port Gran Turismo 7 to PC platforms.

Sitting down with Gran Turismo’s creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, GTPlanet picked the game designer’s brain. Given that Sony is making the move of bringing some of its series’ to PC, including God of War and Spider-Man, this raises whether Yamauchi would consider letting the Gran Turismo series come to PC.

“Yes, I do think so,” said Yamauchi. “Gran Turismo is a very finely tuned title. There are not many platforms which could run the game in 4K/60p natively, so one way we make that possible is to narrow down the platform...”

“It’s not a very easy subject, but of course, we are looking into it and considering it.”

As of right now, Gran Turismo 7 is capable of running on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with the newest console supporting the game at 4k/60p with ray-tracing in its menus and replay footage. That said, seeing the game ported over to PC will no doubt rake in new and returning players.

As a PlayStation exclusive since conception in 1997, this port would certainly be a grand development for the series. For now, though, fans and those eager to play the racing-game on PC will be waiting a while longer for an update on the series. While Yamauchi’s response to the question of a Gran Turismo 7 PC port is a hopeful one, there’s no telling if and when this could actually come to fruition.

Would you pick up Gran Turismo 7 on PC? Let us know down below. For more on Sony’s latest endeavours, take a look as to why PlayStation is concerned Battlefield may not be able to keep up with Call of Duty for much longer.

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