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God of War is Sony's biggest, highest-rated Steam launch

Unsurprisingly, God of War has overtaken Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone on Steam in every way.

It's clear there's a huge appetite for PlayStation exclusives on PC. You don't need to look at numbers to come to this conclusion, but they do an excellent job of proving the point. After the successful launches of Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone, there was little chance God of War - arguably the best of the three - wouldn't do an even better job.

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The PC port of God of War, which came out on Friday, January 14, is now officially Sony's biggest Steam launch ever. The game attracted 73,529 concurrent players at its peak, enough to land it in the top ten list at one point. This is significantly higher than Horizon Zero Dawn's 56,557 peak concurrent, and well beyond Days Gone's meagre (by comparison) 27,450 peak.

The Steam review score average also paints a similar picture. God of War has an Overwhelmingly Positive review rating, or 97% positive, based on 9,095 user reviews in just those few days. By comparison, Horizon Zero Dawn only managed a Very Positive rating, or 84% positive, based on 51,266 reviews. Days Gone actually has a better rating, at 91% (but still Very Positive) based on 19,821 user reviews.

Many of the user reviews for God of War touch on some of the issues we highlighted in our PC tech review. Things like the lack of an FOV slider, exclusive fullscreen support, a dedicated AA solution are just a few of them. That said, the God of War PC version is also the most optimised of all three games, and has practically no problems to speak of - save for the bizarre Intel 12th Gen CPU bug that prevents the game from starting when the on-board GPU is enabled - something there's already an experimental patch for.

It's worth keeping in mind that all three games are also available on the Epic Games Store, meaning the PC player base is likely even larger, which only bodes well for future releases. The next officially announced PlayStation exclusive to come to PC is Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, which includes Uncharted 4, and Uncharted: Lost Legacy. It does not yet have a solid release date, but it should be in our hands this year.

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