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Genshin Impact live music stream places a waypoint on the Alps

Revealed with an elaborate light show, we can only hope the waypoint will tempt dedicated gamers to go outside

Earlier today a livestream showing that a Genshin Impact waypoint was erected in the Alps went live on the official Genshin Impact Twitch channel. The stream was accompanied by live performances of several songs from the Dragonspine region in the game, played by the lead composer for the game alongside other live musicians (who we can only assume were paid in Primo gems).

The stream did cut away from musical performances on several occasions however. There was footage of Genshin character Klee, climbing the mountain of Dragonspine and running past waypoints to fit the theme. An Arataki Itto cosplayer also appeared for some reason, and was seen skiing away in a frankly hilarious deviation from what anyone expected.

The event took place following 1 million players taking part in the "Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars" web event in December. In this event, players had to write their own souvenir cards with well wishes on them.

Doing so granted an opportunity to earn some useful in-game rewards, like Mora and Primo gems once a certain number of players took part. From these souvenir packs, a few lucky ones were picked out and displayed during the event livestream.

Some of the wishes seen include genuine well wishes for the new year, while others were as you’d expect hopes for five-star genshin characters that have eluded us all before now. It can’t hurt your chances, right?

Following the footage showing the waypoint on the alps, we were also treated to one last live performance of some more Dragonspine music - this time with a full chorus to lend some vocals.

Despite the lack of Primo gems giveaways or new reveals, the stream was a wholesome celebration and a genuinely nice watch… Hey I wonder how long they left that waypoint up for? Is it still up? If you’re in the Alps let us know!

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