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Port-a-Fortress item coming soon to Fortnite

Epic has begun teasing a new type of grenade in Fortnite, the Port-a-Fortress.

As you may be aware, Fortnite already has an item called Port-a-Fort, which Epic added to the game in April.

The new one, however, not only has a higher rarity tier (legendary), it also appears the building it spawns will be much bigger. The fortress, from the art on the item itself, looks to be big enough to support an entire squad as opposed to the smaller tower of the regular Port-a-Fort.

Here's a screenshots of the item, via @FNBRLeaks:

The Port-a-Fortress is likely going to be available following the release of this week's patch, which should drop on Tuesday or Wednesday. This could be the last new item added to Fortnite before the start of Season 6, which is due to kick off on Thursday or Friday.

You still have a couple of days to finish any lingering challenges you have left from Season 5 before they're gone for good. See the list below for all ten weeks of challenges:

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