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Fortnite: new 3D headphones feature makes locating enemies that much easier

Alongside a bunch of new challenges, vehicles and a brand new island, Fortnite's audio system is also getting a few upgrades.

If you wear headphones while playing Fortnite, you can now use the new 3D Headphones audio toggle to enable binaural audio.

This improves audio spatialisation, meaning that you'll be able to hear and locate opponents more easily.

Not only will the sound more accurately indicate if an opponent is below you, above you, or simply in the other room, you'll also be able to locate chests and special items much faster.

If you're not used to playing with headphones on or found it ineffective before, this new future should make winning that Victory Royale much easier.

To activate it, head into the sound menu and toggle it on. Now, get out there and win!

You can check out our guide on the new Medal progression system here, as well as where to find the letter F, how to fish and where to find upgrade benches to improve your weapons.

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