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Fortnite hits a new concurrent player record by going back to the basics

The battle royale more than doubled its concurrent player record over the weekend.

Following the return of the game's original map, Fortnite has managed to hit an impressive new concurrent player record over the weekend.

Last week, Fortnite did that thing which it usually does every once in a while, which is completely change its map up, all in the name of keeping things fresh. Only this time, the map will have been familiar to some longer term players, as everything reverted to how it looked way back in Chapter 1. It's obviously a move that plays into some level of nostalgia, but it's also one that's clearly paid off, as Fortnite stats tracker reported the battle royale hit its all-time concurrent player peak over the weekend, a massive figure of more than six million.

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For context, according to the previous concurrent player record was a little under three million, making this a massive jump in numbers. While the official Fortnite account hasn't shared the concurrent player record, it did share the also incredibly high player count across the whole of Saturday on Twitter, writing, "Way to start things off with a big bang. We're blown away by the response to #FortniteOG. Yesterday was the biggest day in Fortnite’s history with over 44.7 MILLION players jumping in and 102 MILLION [sic] hours of play."

Essentially, Fortnite had a good weekend! But a good weekend for Fortnite, because when isn't it having a good weekend. It might also be too good of a weekend, as the Fortnite Status Twitter account did note that it's "continuing to monitor server health and capacity following the launch of the Fortnite OG season, and players may find they experience a short queue before logging in."

The shooter also currently features another collaboration with Stranger Things in the form of an Eleven skin, complete with a waffle themed emote (Eggos branding not included).

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