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Whether you liked it or not, Final Fantasy 16 seems to be a big hit with its series' creator

Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

Whether you were a fan or not, it seems that Final Fantasy 16 has gone down pretty well with the creator of the series Hironobu Sakaguchi.

With Final Fantasy 16 taking a much darker, more Game of Thrones like approach to its world, there were obviously some conversations around whether the latest entry in the long-running series is even a "real Final Fantasy game" or not (our resident FF expert Alex thinks so). But arguably, who knows Final Fantasy better than one of the people that started the series? While Sakaguchi hasn't worked on the Final Fantasy games in many years, he's still keeping up to date with all of them. Of course, 16 is no different - more than that, the developer has even gone so far as to call the game the "ultimate fantasy."

Sakaguchi shared a couple of screenshots from the game in a pair of tweets, writing in the second tweet, "I think... Final Fantasy is something that continues to evolve. It is never completed. Adventurousness, courage, and determination are the key words." He doesn't outright say it, but it does seem like he's saying that Final Fantasy 16 ticks off all of that criteria.

The developer's word on the game being good or not obviously isn't law, but he is pretty important to Final Fantasy's history after all. These days, though, he's busy making things over at his own studio Mistwalker. It was recently spotted that Fantasian, the Mistwalker title currently exclusive to Apple Arcade, might be coming to PC, though we're still yet to get official word on that front.

It also seems that Final Fantasy 16 both is and isn't meeting Square Enix's goals. On the one hand, it said it was happy with the game's sales, but last week it seems that that's not quite the case. We'll just have to wait and see how the game does on other platforms whenever they release.

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