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Final Fantasy 16 patch finally lets you get rid of that aggressive motion blur

There's a lot to like in the new Final Fantasy 16 patch, but being able to turn off two of its most aggressive settings is the big win.

Final Fantasy 16 may not have needed a big day one patch like most games (only a small one), but it launched with a host of annoying settings turned on by default, with no way to turn them off.

It was also missing a few options that most games offer out of the gate. Many of those issues have been corrected with today's patch, version 1.03. The update is available now on PS5, and it's one most players should appreciate.

The big news has to be the motion blur setting. After the patch, you'll be able to adjust the strength of motion blur. What it is now is at the maximum 5, but you can take it all the way down to zero to turn it off entirely.

The strength of motion blur in Final Fantasy 16 was quite something, especially if you opted to play on performance mode. But there was another element contributing to how motion blur was perceived, and it's the game's incessant camera follow.

In Final Fantasy 16, the camera would always recentre itself around the character in any scenario. You want it in combat, sure, but not while running around the world. This constant correction of camera movement made sensitive players queasy, and the thick motion blur didn't help.

Patch 1.03 thankfully lets you turn off camera follow, both in combat and normal movement. Speaking of camera settings, the sensitivity scale is now much wider. You can go all the way up to 20, from the previous maximum of 10. That applies to both horizontal, as well as vertical sensitivity.

Players not thrilled with the existing control schemes (or those who've been waiting for more to get the game), will be happy to know that Final Fantasy 16 now includes three new controller layouts: D, E, and F. Unfortunately, you still can't remap the whole thing to your liking, but maybe one of the six layouts will be enough.

Finally, the patch also fixes various problems the game's menus would sometimes exhibit, such being unresponsive, lagging when switching pages and so on.

Final Fantasy 16 has digitally sold and shipped over 3 million units since release. It's certainly not the highest we've seen, but then again, the game is available on a single platform.

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