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FFXIV TGS trailer releases in HD, open beta to start September 1


Square's released the Tokyo Game Show trailer of Final Fantasy XIV, also confirming an exact date and start time for the open beta.

Some epic Uematsu-composed music accompanies the trailer alongside some real-time gameplay and fantastic CGI.

Get the clip below. Hit the YouTube logo in the corner of the video to watch in HD.

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Square confirms go time for FFXIV open beta

Square Enix also confirmed to RPGSite the open beta will kick off on September 1, with the servers going up at 2.00am BST on Wednesday morning.

Servers go live on August 31 at 7:00pm on the west coast in the US.

The publisher had only confirmed the open beta for the MMO will launch in "early September" earlier this week.

Final Fantasy XIV launches at the end of next month, with early access to players who get the collector's edition on September 22.

The PS3 version is out in March next year, with the delay down to memory issues, according to producer Hiromichi Tanaka.

Tanaka also told VG247 at gamescom last week discussions with Microsoft are still ongoing about bringing the game to 360.

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