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FFXIV 360 paused and not cancelled, talks with MS still going, says Tanaka

ffixiv tanaka

Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka has told VG247 the MMO has not been cancelled for Xbox 360 - only put on hold, despite previous reports.

Tanaka-san told us in a demo of the game at gamescom this morning that discussions are ongoing with Microsoft about bringing the game to 360, but maintains the policy of Xbox Live as the main roadblock.

"We're still talking with Microsoft at the moment so there is no update as to when we'll start again," he said, admitting the only roadblock to the game hitting the console at the moment is Xbox Live.

When asked about if it was just paused and not cancelled, he further confirmed it was just paused.

Internet translations from a previous interview with Tanaka insisted development was cancelled on the 360 version, with the only console version being for PS3.

Final Fantasy XIV releases next month worldwide on PC, with a March 2011 release on PS3.

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