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Far Cry Primal lets you sic sabre tooth tigers on your enemies - video

Far Cry Primal one ups the recent trend of dogs in games by giving you a sabre-toothed freaking tiger.

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Remember how Far Cry 4 has those awesome sections where you worked alongside a tiger? Clearly somebody at Ubisoft understood how rad that was, because it's something you can do a lot of in Far Cry Primal.

Thanks to the prehistoric setting, it's not just an ordinary tiger or even a jewellery-clad divine incarnation, but a sabre-toothed tiger. We're supposed to call these smilodons now, because they're not related to modern tigers, but you know what I mean - and it's badass.

The video showed the player making friends with one of these magnificent beasts and then sending it to attack an enemy, while a narrator explained that the protagonist was the first to tame wild animals. And the last to tame a smilodon, I should think, or we'd all have one, because even humans aren't so stupid as to let enormous house cats die out.

Far Cry Primal hits PS4 and Xbox One in February 2016, and PC shortly thereafter.

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