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Far Cry Primal Beast Master Hunt - The Snowblood Wolf

How to tame the Snowblood Wolf.

This guide will show you how to track and defeat the Snowblood Wolf, a Beast Master Hunt that can be completed in Far Cry Primal. For those that are looking to add this companion to their selection of helpful beasts, we’ll also explain how you can tame the Snowblood Wolf. Doing so will earn gamers the Good Boy Trophy, which is an achievement of the same name on the Xbox One and PC versions.

The Far Cry Primal quest for the Snowblood Wolf can be found very far to the south, tucked into the most western alcove near that part of the map. The quest itself won’t become available until much later in the game, so if you don’t see the icon on your map, continue to grind the story by completing tasks for the NPCs at your village. When the quest does pop up, fast travel close to its location and we can begin.

Snowblood Wolf Hunt

The quest is triggered by interacting with a dead body where the icon on your map is located. From here, run through the small cave, but be prepared to fight off several Wolves in the area. There are also some Udam lurking about, so a full pack of Spears that are fully upgraded is highly recommended. You’ll also want to bring the materials required to craft more Spears, just in case the ones you’re using are somehow lost or destroyed.

As with our previous Beast Master Hunts for the Bloodfang Sabertooth and Great Scar Bear, use Takkar’s Hunter Vision to look for items of interest, such as the tracks of your prey. This will lead you to a Brown Bear that has been killed by the Snowblood Wolf. Investigate the carcass to continue.

From here, you’ll be doing a lot more tracking and investigating, and the mechanics work exactly the same all the way through. Look closely for shaded areas on your map, then move to those locations and activate your Hunter Vision to find tracks and clues about the whereabouts of the Snowblood Wolf. Each time you investigate more clues, Takkar will give you a verbal hint about where to go next. This might be north, south, east or west, but it could also include other landmarks that you can use to narrow down your search. Just be sure to keep looking for the shaded areas on your mini map, and to use your Hunter Vision often to track the beast.

Defeat the Snowblood Wolf

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After tracking the Snowblood Wolf across the river, you’ll have to begin the fighting portion of this quest. Begin by defeating the regular Wolves that attack you, something that is made much easier if you have a powerful beast with you, like the Cave Bear. Ensure that you heal not just your wounds, but also the injuries of your companion. This is the time when the fight against the Snowblood Wolf begins.

Take note of the health bar for the Snowblood Wolf on your screen. Throw your entire pack full of Spears at it, and let your beast do some of the fighting as well. Your foe’s health will drop rather quickly, and soon it will be the end of the fight. However, that is just Snowblood Wolf one of three.

Heal up when you have a second, and then start sprinting in the direction of the second Snowblood Wolf. This will show up as waypoint on your mini map, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with the tracking portion at this point.

Continue with the same formula for the second and third pack leaders. Track them and defeat them with a pack full of Spears and a powerful beast by your side. When you finally take down the third one, you will have the opportunity to tame the great beast, adding the Snowblood Wolf to your stable of companions.

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